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Konvos with Kiya

Zakiya Powell

Konvos with Kiya
--2019 DEC 20
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“Everything is not for everybody and that’s fine.” -Zakiya

“There will be someone that will embrace you for what you do.”- Zakiya

We’ve all heard the saying, “ You are your worst enemy.” I know in many situations I have been my biggest critic. We often hold back or play small due to our self-doubts. Maybe you struggle with toxic thoughts about your capabilities. You feel as though you are incapable of making your dreams a reality. So often we have amazing ideas and a great desire to accomplish big things. Yet, we hesitate to take that leap of faith and make it happen.

On this episode, Kiya speaks openly about how self-doubt often rears its ugly head during pivotal points in your life. Often when you’re on the brink of greatness you may hear a voice that tries to distract you from your purpose. Don’t allow self-doubt to deter you from greatness. Push through despite what you might think in that moment. There will always be someone rooting for you!

Here are a few points from tonight’s Konvo with Kiya:

  1. Self-Doubt will trick you into thinking you’re in this all alone. YOU ARE NOT there are people waiting for you to release your greatness.

  2. Everything you do won’t be embraced by everyone and that is okay. KEEP DOING YOU!

  3. Focus on the LOVE not the HATE.

  4. Don’t be discouraged by other’s opinions. Keep your head high and your eyes fixed on the prize.