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Konvos with Kiya

Zakiya Powell

Konvos with Kiya
--2019 OCT 25
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“Don’t choose to focus on the 10 billion things that went wrong today, focus on the 10,000 things that went right.” -Zakiya

As mother’s we often struggle to carve out the necessary time we need to function as human beings. Many of us work full-time jobs; while running an entire household! Not to mention the outside commitments that we have. In a recent article, I read, ‘Black single mothers are dominating Corporate America.’ Can I get a “OH YEA!” for all the hard-working Single-moms out there getting to the bag! This black girl magic is real HUNNAY!

However, when we get home and we kick off our shoes the one question that remains unanswered is how in the world are we getting all of this done? Are we truly maintaining a healthy balance? Are we carving time out to cater to our mental stability? Are we intentionally seeking ways to create BALANCE in our everyday life?

Lack of balance leaves us feeling burnt out and exhausted. Drained mentally, physically, and spiritually. When you struggle to ease your mind, when your mind is running a mile a minute you need to take the time to reset, reshuffle and make you a PRIORITY! We all need to take the time to invest in mental vacations every now and then.

Here are a few points from tonight’s Konvo with Kiya:

  1. Carve out a specific time of day to unwind alone.

  2. Taking a break is NOT A CRIME.

  3. Creating a schedule and sticking to it!

  4. RESPECT yourself enough to DEMAND the time YOU need to take care of YOU from your loved ones.