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Konvos with Kiya

Zakiya Powell

Konvos with Kiya
--APR 24
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“Let’s step out and do the things and go the places our dreams take us.”- Zakiya

“We are all capable of doing great things.”- Zakiya

“God gives us all very special gifts; it’s time for us to tap into our full potential.”- Zakiya

Here I am and I’m back at it! This episode is very personal to me. Season 1 of Konvos with Kiya was embraced by so many people. The love was overwhelming.  So much so that I quickly began questioning my capability. Questioning my purpose and wondering what I was truly doing? Me? Zakiya? A podcast? What are you thinking? I began wondering if I could keep the momentum going. Could I continue to keep listeners engaged?  I began the cycle of negative self-talk, self-doubt, and sabotaging thoughts. This lasted for months.

Sabotage is defined as deliberately destroying. When I read that definition, I realized that was exactly what I was doing to myself. I was intentionally talking myself out of every dream I envisioned for my brand. I began to talk myself out of opportunities and discourage myself out of the many possibilities. I began to demean my ideas, belittle my thoughts and  my personal journey. 

In this episode, Kiya speaks about her fear of thriving. The fear of potentially being great and how the pressure of committing to something new began to weigh heavily on her. As she embarks on Season 2, she keeps her boldness and relatable content that captured the attention of her audience. Welcome to Season 2!

Here are a few points from tonight’s Konvo with Kiya:

  1. Let’s spend time focusing on our dreams and less time talking ourselves out of opportunities.

  2. God has given us all very special gifts! 

  3. What are we choosing to focus our attention on? 

  4. Shift our thoughts, our speech, and our attitudes towards the positive.