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The Ryan & Dave Show

Ryan Gallant

The Ryan & Dave Show
78 minMAY 13
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Unfortunately, friend of the show and “Godfather” expert Madge Mossberg couldn’t return to offer insight this time around, but Ryan and Dave nonetheless proceed and follow up their episode on Francis Ford Coppola’s mob masterpiece “The Godfather” with its immediate successor that chronicles the parallel rise and fall of Vito (Robert De Niro) and Michael (Al Pacino) Corleone, respectively. Dividing audiences at the time with its audacious narrative choice to be both sequel AND prequel, it has stood the test of time with flawless performances, artful cinematography and indelible sequences of Sicilian revenge to be savored and studied. Also, Ryan generally marvels at the impeccable writing and character arcs, while Dave reflects on the cycle of life that occurs between generational shifts, which is a large part of this film’s study. Next week, the first in-person podcast since quarantine began, as friend of the show Justin O'Hanley returns to discuss his pick - "Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn"!