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The Ryan & Dave Show

Ryan Gallant

The Ryan & Dave Show
92 minJUN 2
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Ryan and Dave welcome the Albino Assassin Brenlae MacMillan back to the show to discuss Brenlae’s pick – Ari Aster’s future horror classic “Hereditary”! From Toni Collette’s blistering performance (in more ways than one...) to the bloody occult craziness of the grand finale, it’s a film that begs rewatching (as hosts and guest have all done prior). Also, Ryan hones in on a modern horror trope that Ari Aster has all but cornered on his own, Dave posits an incisive theory on what is truly going on in this house of horrors, and Brenlae once again warns of the dangers of Magic Mushrooms. Next week, Ryan's next pick revisits the rise of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg - "The Social Network"!