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Work Smart Live Smart with Beverly Beuermann-King


Work Smart Live Smart with Beverly Beuermann-King
1 minAUG 4
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Life can get very complicated and stressful what with all of the ‘hats’ we wear.
We sometimes let others control our activities and determine our priorities. 
So how do we simplify it so that our life is more manageable and enjoyable and we are more resilient?
Realization and acceptance can be the first steps to gaining control.  Accept that it’s impossible to do it all and it’s all right if you don’t, in fact, it’s much better if you don’t.
So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Simplify Your Life Week:
Avoid blaming others and situations – WE have the ultimate decision on how OUR time will be spent.
Develop and set your priorities and say ‘No’ to those things which are not your priority.
Planning and time management are essential skills.
Prepare for the transition from work to home by planning your work-related activities for the next day before you leave the office. 
Do not over-program yourself or your family.
Make the morning routine as simple as possible, leaving yourself more than enough time for ‘emergencies’.
Our stress can be negatively impacted by the way in which we organize our daily activities and routines, and by the organization or lack there of in our physical environment.  Simplifying routines and de-junking physical space can increase our efficiency, our effectiveness and can add to a sense of control which can help us create a calm and peaceful presence.
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Discover how to take small steps towards a healthier, happier, less-stressed you by visiting my website at worksmartlivesmart.com