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Work Smart Live Smart with Beverly Beuermann-King


Work Smart Live Smart with Beverly Beuermann-King
1 minAUG 8
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Happiness does not just happen. 
It has to be worked at. 
It is far easier to focus on the difficult, the stressful, the negative and the disappointing.
It takes effort to really notice and be thankful for the big and small things that make us happy.
So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Happiness Happens Day:
Happiness Happens Day aims to spread the joy of being happy and to persuade people to look on the brighter side of life. 
So, raise your glass of pink lemonade to Happiness Happens Day. Why pink lemonade? Happy people naturally turn lemons into lemonade. Also pink is pretty.
Plan something fun to look forward to after work.
Get outside.  Sunlight can boost our mood as it impacts our neurotransmitters and hormones. 
Use different scents to boost your mood. 
Phone your mum. A US study found that hearing a mother’s voice is as good as a hug for stress release.
Get away.  According to one study, vacations lead to increased happiness (93%),  less stress (86%), being recharged (89%),  more energy (81%) and improved health (78%).
And finally, researchers found that people who count their blessings sleep better, have a higher self-worth and are more satisfied and happy with their life. 
So, let happiness happen.  Be open to it.  Be  aware of what makes you happy and when you are happy.
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Discover how to take small steps towards a healthier, happier, less-stressed you by visiting my website at worksmartlivesmart.com