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Work Smart Live Smart with Beverly Beuermann-King


Work Smart Live Smart with Beverly Beuermann-King
1 minAUG 9
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When it comes to holding hands it’s not all about romance. 
When you hold the hands of another you are sending the message that the other person is valued, important and noticed.
James Coan of the University of Virginia found that when people hold hands, their brains don’t work as hard to cope with stress. 
To hold someone’s hand is to offer them affection, protection or comfort.
A poll showed that more than half of people couldn’t remember the last time they held their grandparents hand and more than a quarter had never done so. However, almost a fifth of respondents, when asked whose hands they would most like to hold, said it would be the hand of a grandparent who has died.
Loneliness and depression are rampant in today’s society.  Holding someone’s hand, especially of someone who is isolated, dealing with an illness or elderly can help them to be more resilient against the impact of stress, promote better health and combat their feelings of isolation.
So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Hand Holding Day:
Reach out and touch the hand of someone you love or someone in need.  Not only do they reap the benefit but so do you.
Don’t wait until it’s too late and end up regretting that you didn’t grab at the opportunity.
Robert Fulgham (Everything I Learned, I Learned In Kindergarten) said:
. . . Share everything. . .When you go out in the world, Watch out for traffic, hold hands, And stick together. . . .
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