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Daily Boost | Daily Coaching and Motivation

Scott Smith

Daily Boost | Daily Coaching and Motivation
11 minAUG 17
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Amping Up Your Productivity

Do you ever run out of day before you run out of To-Dos?

Getting what you want in life if often blocked by simple habits that are getting in your way. There are two that everybody tends to miss:

1) The first productivity super-charger is to understand that tomorrow begins today. Planning ahead and setting your path is vital to reach your desired outcome.

2) The second takes a few minutes in the morning before you get busy. The goal is to ground yourself, review your days' plan, and reaffirm what must be done.

There's one more that is even more important.

Every day has "Non-Optional Activities" that take more time than you think. Non-Opts are taking care of personal needs, like eating and sleeping. They are traffic delays—someone walking into your office or calling you for advice.

Non-Opts are always present and they sap your productivity by robbing you of your time and focus.

Recognizing and allowing time for non-opts is the fastest way to optimize and ramp up your productivity.