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14 min2017 MAR 26
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Since this is my first episode, I am would like to share 5 ways to be a better small business owner! These are my life lessons as a small business owner of five years. 

#5 Call your business, just that 'a business'. Often times, new business owners are shy to term their work as a business. Let me tell you something if you do not own what you do and give it the respect it deserves, trust me, no one else will.

#4 Keep your commitments. When we are just starting out and looking for work, we have the tendency of saying ‘yes’ to pretty much everything that’s put on our plate. You know what happens when we eat too much of anything, right? Learn to say no to commitments that you feel you cannot keep. This will not only save your time but will also save your prospective customer’s time. People love business owners who are open and honest about their limitations and what they can or cannot do. When someone comes to you offering work, look at your schedule and think about it really well before agreeing to do it. And once you commit to something, make sure you keep it! 

#3 Educate your customer. It is very important to educate your customer about the product or service you are selling. Regular reminders are crucial too. One of the mistakes I made and sometimes still do is expecting my customers, especially those who are new to my website have full thorough knowledge of the products listed. 

#2 Develop a thick skin. We put in a lot of effort, sleepless nights and gray hair into our business. Growing a business is pretty similar to nurturing a child if not equal. So when people tell you something negative about it, it can hurt. Learn to take criticisms positively and see them as ways to improve your business and yourself. Negative comments should propel us forward and not push us back. I know, it is easier said than done! I am a very sensitive person myself and hearing bad things about @ppsuae used to break my heart. It still does but I am much better at handling them now. I keep telling myself to not take them personally and see them as suggestions to improve. 

#1 Charge your worth. It is perfectly okay to earn money for the work you do. When we are starting out and trying to figure out a way to price our services or products, we often think ‘hmm, let me at least cover my cost’. No, you should cover your cost, charge for your labor and earn a profit. Business at the end of the day is about making money and there is nothing wrong about it! 

Bonus Tip! Since you have listened so far, I have a bonus tip for you and this is for all the Moms out there. Ready? Ok here you go. My bonus tip is – it is perfectly okay to ask for help! Trust me, there’s no such thing as a supermom. We can not be a mother and run a business without help. Please make sure you have a support system when you launch your business. 

So there you go, these are the six most important lessons my business has taught me so far and I am so glad, I could share them with you! 

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Alright then, Speak soon! Wassalam!