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Channel 310
66 minJUL 13
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Comedy Cupcake Show Episode 10 The Comedy Cupcake Show is hosted by Stand Up Comedy couple of 2.5 years+ Lila Hart and Eric Abbenante. We let the audience into our little world of what it's like to date each other while we both support each other following our dreams in Los Angeles, CA.
Episode 10 features Lila and Eric talking about how Lila's fans sent her multiple presents for her birthday, Defunding the Media, and Lila and Eric's turtles. (The Song during the turtle clip is: "Inflection" by Scott Buckley)
The Comedy Cupcake Show is hosted by Channel 310 creators Eric Abbenante and Lila Hart. Finally, the show is called the "Comedy Cupcake Show" because of Lila and Eric's cat named Cupcake. Lila and Eric's cat named Cupcake. Cupcake is an all-white khao manee with blue eyes. Lila and Eric love Cupcake so much they wrote a cartoon feature film about their cat that is scheduled to be released November of 2020. Lila and Eric have a blast recording each episode, we hope you enjoyed watching! See you next episode.
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Check out Lila Hart's official website: Lilahart.com