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Port Forward Podcast (mp3)


Port Forward Podcast (mp3)
109 min2013 MAR 30
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Show Notes: http://portforwardpodcast.com/show-29-glitches-in-sams-homeless-matrixThis week we talk BitCoin, QuadCopters, Tech Company subpoena woes, and good office culture. Also there is a major glitch in Sam’s Matrix:Humble indie bundleIndie Game the MovieSim City 5 Zero Punctuation VideoHumble android bundle-anomaly korea-bladeslinger-contre jour-metalslug 3-plants vs zombies-the roomCompanies that Sam piss off (Sam subpoenas Zynga, Google, AT&T and Comcast.)-Comcast: tracks nothing, keeps no records-ATT: no response-GOOGLE: denies that they can sort data by IP address-Zenga: no How to Pull logs from a router to obtain WAN IPTwo encrypted drives (symantec endpoint encryption and bitlocker)Imaged into bootable copy using LiveView which creates bootable VM’s of forensic imagesYo Dawg, I heard you liked VM’s in your VM’sThe Amazing JellyBean KickStarterBen’s “epic uptime server”’s downtimeEthernet over PowerQuad Copters:-Walkera – Lady Bird – 99~-Syma X1 – $38Catchup on Bit Coin, BTC, currently trading at $89Satoshi isn’t a personAsic BitCoin MinerSatoshi Nakamoto PseudonymMySql utf8mb4outsourcing fail…or win?CoffeeScriptIced CoffeeScriptMusic: Orkidea – Unity (Solarstone Pure Mix)More comments about the show in Google Plus Download Podcast #29 Glitches in Sam’s Homeless Matrix