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Port Forward Podcast (mp3)


Port Forward Podcast (mp3)
112 min2013 APR 18
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http://portforwardpodcast.com/show-30-asic-powered-floating-island/Special guest David Sykora!This week we talk hardware, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Asic Miners, Routers, Peace Corps and more!FeedBack:Eric Nantz – Check his podcast www.r-podcast.orgSnakeDocRussel FolkNeal HarringtonDavid Sykora’s Github or twitter @david_sykoraASIC mining is taking off, network hashrate(measure of total compute power of all miners) has doubled in a few months Lots of miners are jumping over to Litecoin(uses scrypt hashing function which requires large amounts of RAM to be efficient, so safe from ASICs for now, also faster transaction confirmation, will have 4X as many coins generated compared with BitCoin) already has its own SatoshiDice and SIlkRoute(Atlantis)Butterfly ASIC Miner StoryWant to run stuff in the cloud, like couchDB found https://www.iriscouch.com/ Have your own free couchDB running in the cloud in literally 10 secondsAlways change your defualt router passwords, and upgrade to DD-WRT if you canPicture of daughter named My which MySql is named forPicture of daughter named Maria which MariaDB is named forFor more information about git-push deploy for ruby / python apps: Coder Radio 43: Risky BusinessOscillo Fun SongBen’s Blanket Fort:Merrick gets upset about doors:Ben and David's Robot!!Ben’s video with stolen robot parts. (there’s also another video on that same channel) Download Podcast #30 ASIC Powered Floating Island