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Port Forward Podcast (mp3)


Port Forward Podcast (mp3)
--2013 JUN 11
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http://portforwardpodcast.com/show-31-bitcoin-2013/Coverage of Bitoin 2013 conference hash tag: #bitcoin2013.PlayPhoto Gallery from the showBitCoin ATMVideo of Ben using the atmConference talk – YouTube is Broken by Adam B Levine – Bitcoin Famous reporter / Bitcoin celebrity twitter.com/@KashHill@KashHill’s Forbes story, living on bitcoin for a weekThese two awesome guys donated and funded my trip:https://twitter.com/@RalphTheNinjahttps://twitter.com/@FreedomFactoryBen Talks with https://twitter.com/@rBrumpton about copy on write and other nerdy stuff.Rich sent me this email:“I heard you talkin about how money was invented and I used the same narrative as you until a few months ago when I discovered David Greaber’s work. Turns out anthropologists have some real world knowledge that the academics didn’t know when the theorem was formulated.”ArticleBook: Debt: the first 5000 yearshttp://www.listentobitcoin.com/Ben yells at people to put together a 1 year budget for a purely bitcoin funded startup. People don’t listen.Interview with Nick Meliones: https://twitter.com/@NicMeliones – His LinkedInNic’s current startup: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.purchaceAccolades for winning the hackathon: http://blog.coinbase.com/post/50890389277/bitwall-winner-of-the-2013-bitcoin-conferenceNic Mentions this article. The quote he was looking for was “Only 14 states require a high school course in Personal Finance.” http://visual.ly/united-states-financial-economic-literacy?view=trueHere is a map of the same stats: USA Financial Education Requirements MapBitCoin sushi: BitCoin Sushi Blue Ocean Sushi Download Podcast #31 Bitcion 2013