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Port Forward Podcast (mp3)


Port Forward Podcast (mp3)
75 min2013 SEP 10
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http://portforwardpodcast.com/show-34-glazed-conf-and-kyle-ellicotPlayInterview with Kyle Ellicott, Founder of the Stained Glass Labs IncubatorKyle is an acomplished entreprenuer and jokingly says all he had to do to start his incubator was: “sign a piece of paper, call a few people and boom it happened!”.Everybody in the SF Area check out the GLAZED conference happening on SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2013. 20% discount code: GLAZED Register for the FREE hackathon now!Here are some of the interview questions:Will wearable technology always need my smartphone?Do you think we will get to the point of a Brain-Computer interface being mainstream?Do you envision Bitcoin intersecting with wearable technology?Battery life / energy harvestingWhen you’re looking at startup teams, are you more concerned with the idea and story, or things they’ve already been able to execute?Does outsourcing turn you off when looking at startups?What is the most ridiculous “slide ware” you’ve ever seen?If somebody wanted to pitch to you, what would be the best approach?Did you go to college? if so did it prepare you for what you’re doing today?Who is one person who really influenced, your “Hero”?Ron Conway, Warren Buffett, Jim Cramer, Kyle’s Father and Grandfather(Cramer’s book: Confessions of a Street Addict)Call to action for anything you are excited about?Contact info for kyle:@kyleellicottStained Glass Labs Incubator@stainedglasslab@redgsnodgrassAfter the interview Merrick shares a registration for https://codepub.org which we talked about in the last episode:JKEQGSign up for codepub today!Music: DC Breaks, Skism – Killer Ft. Dee Freer (Tantrum Desire Remix) Download Podcast #34 GLAZED Conf and Kyle Ellicot