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Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast

Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast

Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast
54 minMAY 16
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Joanne Dennehy is somewhat of an enigma in the true crime world. Female serial killers are much more rare than their male counterparts, but female spree killers are virtually unheard of. 
In March of 2013, Joanne murdered three men in cold blood and without warning or motive. The murders are referred to as the “Peterborough Ditch Murders” because all three men died of stab wounds and had been dumped in ditches just outside Peterborough. But she didn’t stop there- she also stabbed two other innocent men who thankfully survived. 
In this 1 part episode, we discuss Joanne’s history and what could have driven her to commit such heinous acts of violence. We also discuss whether “you have very distinctive eyebrows” is a pick up line that actually works.
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