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Gaming Ride Home
15 minAUG 21
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Kingdoms of Amalur’s original developer’s former CEO is wrapped up in a laundering scheme related to raising money to build a US/Mexico border wall, Rocksteady responds to sexual harassment allegations, Valve is going to be lenient with Microsoft Flight Simulator refunds, Marvel's Avengers is getting an open beta this weekend, and Battletoads is out today.

Links:Steve Bannon Arrested In Scheme To Raise Money For Trump's Border Wall (npr.org)@IsaacDovere’s tweet about Curt Schilling’s involvement in the Build the Wall PAC@RocksteadyGames’ tweet responding to sexual harassment issuesValve says the time it takes to download Microsoft Flight Simulator won't affect refund requests (PC Gamer)Play For Free As Earth's Mightiest Heroes This Weekend In The Marvel's Avengers Open Beta (press.na.square-enix.com)Battletoads Review – This reboot of the legendarily unfair beat 'em up is toadally radical (IGN)Review: Battletoads (destructoid)Battletoads Review – A Shallow Swamp (Game Informer)Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition on the Google Play StoreGriefhelm on SteamPastel: Blind Karma on Steam