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Gaming Ride Home

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Gaming Ride Home
15 minAUG 19
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Untitled Goose Game is getting co-op and Hades is coming to Switch according to Nintendo’s IndieWorld showcase, Apple is blocking Unreal Engine on the App Store in retaliation to Epic, and the Batman: Arkham series developer is being accused of sexual harassment issues.

Links:Indie World Showcase 8.18.2020 - Nintendo Switch (YouTube)Epic Asks Court To Prevent Apple From Blocking Fortnite And The Unreal Engine (Kotaku)Games firm Rocksteady accused of inaction over staff harassment (theguardian.com)Mortal Shell Review – Dark Souls For The Rest Of Us (GameSpot)Mortal Shell review - A budget Soulslike that still packs a punch (PC Gamer)Rogue Legacy 2 on SteamPathfinder: Kingmaker on the Xbox Store