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Gaming Ride Home

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Gaming Ride Home
16 minAUG 20
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A remake of Prince of Persia may be coming later this year, Oculus will require a Facebook account soon, Rockstar producer, writer, and actor Lazlow Jones has left the company, Deathloop has been delayed, and some kind of shooter MMO based in the Alien universe is in the works.

Links:@KenXyro’s tweet about Prince of Persia RemakePrince of Persia Remake on max.com@iyagovos’ tweet about a previously Prince of Persia Remake rumor report@jasonschreier’s tweet about the Prince of Persia Remake@Oculus’ tweet about requiring FacebookA Single Way to Log Into Oculus and Unlock Social Features (oculus.com)@corybarlog’s tweet about Oculus requiring Facebook integrationGTA radio host Lazlow leaves Rockstar (PC Gamer)@deathloop’s tweet about the game’s delay